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Technology the backbone of smart cities
Date: 6th Jan 2017
Brief : Cyberview Sdn Bhd managing director Datuk Faris Yahaya’s primary responsibility is to ensure
Cyberjaya’s transformation into a global tech hub
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TwinCity Marathon
Date: 24th Jan 2017
Brief : The third edition of Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon attracted 7,500 participants.
The covered routes spanned Cyberjaya and Putrajaya and the marathon was organised
by Cyberview, the tech hub enabler tasked to elevate Cyberjaya into a global technology hub.
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Cyberjaya Chinese New Year Celebration 2017
Date: 11th Feb 2017

The organisation of this momentous occasion, led by Setia Haruman, also saw the coming together of Cyberjaya
developers EMKAY Group, MCT, UEM Sunrise, Prima Properties, and Tujuan Gemilang along with support from main
stakeholders MDEC, Cyberview Sdn Bhd and Majlis Perbandaran Sepang.
Event Highlights:

  • Malaysia’s Largest Yee Sang @ 126.08 sqm (previous record 78.54sqm)
  • Dato’ Joey Yap’s talk on 2017 Feng Shui and Business Outlook

Setia Haruman also took this opportunity to present a mock cheque to Pulau Banding Foundation for our CSR
contribution of RM430,000 and joint sponsorship (EMKAY Group and Tujuan Gemilang) of RM8,000 to Muhammad
Rasul bin Zahiri in support of his participation in the Ironman 2017 and Powerman Asia 2017 programmes.

The event saw a total attendance of approximately 1000 guests with the closing of 2 units of Gardenview Residence
& 1 unit of Ceria Residence valued at RM2.32 mil

The Crippling Problem Of Wasted Resources In Cyberjaya & How This Workspace Wants To Help
Date: 1st Feb 2017
Brief : The Launchpad is a brand new co-working and event space that was set up to build and expand the
entrepreneurship ecosystem in Cyberjaya. This was all “in a bid to utilise the 240 commercial and about 300 empty
residential lots in Cyberjaya”.
With property under Setia Haruman and support by MDEC, The Launchpad was built based on a similar space in
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Cyberjaya Communications Workshop
Date: 1st March 2017

A networking and workshop between marketing and communications representatives from stakeholders in
Cyberjaya (MNCs, companies, government agencies, etc).
Objectives of the Workshop

  • Building a more balanced and collaborative working team for Cyberjaya
  • To increase participation and awareness of the 20th Anniversary celebration

The event saw a total attendance of 54 participants and received positive response that they are more aware of the
happenings around this Capital of Creation.
Further Action to be taken by Cyberjaya Communications Council following the Workshop

    1. To organize fam trip for all developers/companies
    2. To organize periodic (tea) sessions with stakeholders
    3. All participants to subscribe to Cyberjaya Buzz newsletter and Facebook

One Big Toss For The Community
Date: 7th Mar 2017
Brief : Article shared that Setia Haruman hosted Cyberjaya’s first-ever city-wide celebration with the community in
conjunction with Cyberjaya’s 20 anniversary. It also mentioned that developers EMKAY Group, MCT, UEM Sunrise,
Prima Properties, and Tujuan Gemilang, as well as main stakeholders MDEC, Cyberview Sdn Bhd, and Sepang
Municipal Council came together to support the occasion.

Setia Haruman Sdn Bhd Chief Operating Officer Wendy Li was quoted: “We look forward to future collaborations in
upcoming events as we work together to promote Cyberjaya as a dynamic township.”

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Homing On The Capital Of Creation
Date: 8th Mar 2017
Brief : Full of ideas and energy, Tn. Hj Ahmad Khalif relishes with pride that Cyberjaya is now home to more than 1,700
business entities, of which 482 are MSC-status companies. IBM, HP, Dell, Huawei, Shell, BMW
and HSBC are just some of the international brands that call Cyberjaya their home

How Malaysia aims to reboot its ‘smartest city’
Date: 2nd Mar 2017
Brief : “How Cyberjaya was created is different than other cities,” said Siti Mariam Mohd Desa, head of corporate strategy
at Setia Haruman. “In others it’s the residences that came first, but here it was the business community built first,
then came the residential and retail.”
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Accelerating Smart City Innovations
Date: 2nd Mar 2017
Brief : For every problem, there is a solution. For every task, someone will eventually create an app to make things easier.
Under the 4th Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator Programme (organised with Finnext Capital), there lies proof that
when people are given
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Towards a truly Smart City
Date: 27th Mar 2017
Brief : According to Cyberview, smart infrastructure is just one of the elements of a smart city.
The caretaker of the city’s smart city implementation says there need to be other elements
to make a city like Cyberjaya truly smart, such as the inclusion initiatives on Smart Environment,
Smart Economy and Smart Social.
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